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Certification Requirements

1.  Online Exam - An exam ensures that the knowledge transfer has occurred and that the student meets the minimum education requirements.  Because it does not have a time limit, and it open book,  this exam can only be taken ONCE per ($50)fee!

2.  Upload Video - To ensure the student has memorized the training set, received documented feedback from their instructor, and has a record of their performance of this set, we require an uploading of their performance.  It does not need to be perfect video capture but it must be complete.  Upload your video to any source of your choosing (we recommend Youtube), and only require you send us a link to that video for review.

3.  Pay $50 Fee - This is the administrative fee to review all student documentation, provide feedback (from the uploaded video), and validate the student's certification in the public registry.

Application for Certification
"Yi Jin Jing" translates into
What is the order of Presenting the pestle?
Which of the below is a tensile exercise?
During torsion action
How many times do you "place 3 plates on the floor"?
Which exercise are you "down on all fours"
How many times do you "Bow in salutation"?
How many times to you "Pull 9 cows by the tail"?
When are you breathing in during "Showing talons and spreading wings"?
Which "Presenting the Pestle" is a balancing challenge
When are you focused on looking into the "cup of the hand"?
How many steps are there in the Yi Jin Jing?
Which exercise best simulates sitting?
How long should it take to complete the Yi Jin Jing full routine?
How slow should you move when doing Qigong

Your Application Has Been Submitted! 

Keep an eye on your Sifu Notebook for the next 24 hours. 

Status, communication, and formal feedback from the instructor

 will be posted there.

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